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An Unique Live Experience

đŸ”„Enter with your Avatar into this 3D universe, multiplayer gameplay combining concert, video game and cinematic scene
đŸ’„Enjoy the 5 worlds of GIMS and DADJU's METAVERSE on Be In Meta for an epic quest where you will collect rewards, NFTs and ETHs with your friends. đŸȘđŸœđŸČâš”ïžđŸ„·đŸŸ
70 minutes of pure music with a unique set list and exclusive event performance, rewards and bonuses
There will be thousands of you, all interconnected, all over the world, from your homes, participating in METAVERSE. 🌏

Without VR headset or 3D glasses, access will be directly from your screen

They speak about us


Gims BE IN META  est un concert privé, à diffusion unique dont l'expérience live sera accessible le 26 janvier 2023 à 21h CET sur la plateforme BE IN META aux seuls détenteurs du ticket.

Une expérience unique à vivre en live.


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The METAConcert

Enjoy an exclusive event

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Without a VR headset or 3D glasses, you can access it directly from your PC or MAC screen with a standard configuration. Mobile version is coming soon !


The Metaconcert will be available only once on the date indicated, just like a regular concert


1 hour of pure performed music + 45 minutes of bonus gameplay to explore the 3D worlds


Select your avatar and join GIMS and DADJU in their adventures through 5 different stages. You'll have a front row seat to experience it all. Connect with fans around the world !

*These offers are only available for GIMS' metaconcert

This is GIMS

Les derniĂšres volontĂ©s de Mozart đŸŽ¶
⚔LDVMđŸŽŒ Out on 12/02/22

+1M copies sold for “Ceinture Noire”
114M views on the clip “La MĂȘme”
7th most played artist in the world in 2018


This is Dadju

💎 #Cullinan the album of the year available
+ 1,5M of sales with 2 albums
His film “Ima” in the top 10 at the box office a week after its release
Winner of 4 NRJ Music Awards

How to participate ?

First virtual event ? Find out in a few steps how to participate

Book your tickets


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Enter the artistic world of GIMS

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Available soon!
Guest Dadju
Lil Baby
Feat Migos
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Bruce Mars
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How will the concert take place ?

With your avatar you enter the GIMS guest DADJU metaconcert on BE IN META. You will go through 3D worlds exclusively designed for and with GIMS and DADJU. There are 5 stages and 12 songs + bonuses. It's both a concert with the most emblematic music of the stars but also current songs, a movie whose hero is GIMS and a game with surprises at all stages of the Metaconcert. GIMS is in the future! The experience will be simply phenomenal and out of the ordinary!

How to participate ?

In 3 easy steps:
1- Buy your ticket to access the metaconcert ANYWHERE in the world with an internet connection and nothing else!
2- Download the Metaconcert a few days before the event on your PC
3- Connect on January 26th at 9pm on the website to enter the futuristic universe of GIMS

How and where to buy my tickets?

The tickets for the metaconcert of GIMS guest DADJU on BE IN META are sold only on the official ticket offices and are available on this page

How long is the Metaconcert ?

One hour of pure music performed exclusively for the concert, cinema, and gameplay + a 45-minute gameplay bonus of exploring the 3D worlds to discover hidden keys and unlock rewards

Where will the metaconcert take place ?

The Metaconcert will take place directly in the Metaverse of BE IN META, in a completely personalized artistic universe where you will discover the artist's world even more intensely.

Will we be able to interact with the artists ?

The 3D worlds are created with the inspirations and artistic references of GIMS and his guest DADJU. Your avatar moves with the two stars through all the stages of the Metaconcert and you participate in a game while connecting with the whole community of fans from all over the world. This is the first event of its kind, the future of the concert, and you can say you were there!

Is DADJU part of the Metaconcert ?

DADJU is the prestigious guest of the Metaconcert, there will be stage with GIMS but also stage alone.A stage is a game and cinematic table with a song performed by the artist!

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